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Gday All,

As MB alluded to earlier we chased out to a location just north of Casino. We basically sat there for the entire duration of the cells we were observing and were treated to a spectacular CG barrage late in the piece. The cells passing to our NW were so electrically active that on two occasions MB and I felt our hairs stand on end from crawlers passing overhead!! I've never experienced this before and was a bit of an adrenaline moment but a touch scary at the same time. Anyway I'll share a few more pics to compliment MB's

Some solid updrafts from activity to the NW

Activity to the West

After this the CG barrage started. All shots taken with lightning trigger.

Dirty that this one blew out, but you get the idea

In all a fun afternoon with nothing severe to report. Thanks to MB for driving.

Cheers Jason
link to 3d lighting video i took on 15th oct (hail image is just one pile picked up from the front door)(lightning is a still from the video i have linked to)(there is an option to turn 3d off on the you tube video)(second vid is of hail falling)


MB edit - can't seem to embed the 3d video
To view the clip in 3D you have to view it on you-tube (puzzling as t why the 3D wont embed)
Having kept an eye on a cell to the south, I ducked outside to take the first photograph which showed some impressive structure of the Caboolture/Bribie Island cell.

From then on I moved location so I could get in a better spot to take photos. A new storm was rapidly approaching from the SW, but just as it was about to hit, it weakened slightly and nudged south, so all we got from it were brief gusts of wind and large rain drops.



This little guster came over about 25 minutes later from a new cell.


Soon after we were beset by heavy rain and squally winds by the newer cell. I managed to take perhaps my first semi-decent lightning shot.

The webcams got a great show across the region:

Looks like you got the biggest hail Col - nice :)
This would have to be the best shot of yesterdays storm I have seen, as I said earlier we had some good rotation within the cell over Bracken Ridge as it approached Moreton Bay.

The photo is by Tracy King courtesy of the Courier Mail,


Jason Paterson and I chased yesterday though didn't go too far. Spent most of the afternoon just north of Casino. Local cumulus blocked developing storms for a while then the contrast was pretty terrible but it eventually become better by mid-afternoon.

A storm developed near Tabulam and other activity NW of Kyogle.

They struggled for moisture at first but then took off with solid high tops - though the windshear really didn't help them develop further locally. Looks like the forecast wind shear profile did not eventuate.

We met up with Bec Armatyge and enjoyed a barrage of CGs from the blob of storms over the far NW of the Northern Rivers / NE part of Northern Tablelands.

These were taken with a lightning trigger.

Would have been nice to get some hail too, but not to be.

Clean-up begins after wild Qld storms - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

South-east Queensland will begin clean-up efforts this morning after
Floods threaten to inundate Bangkok - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Thai military and civilian volunteers are continuing their efforts to try and stop Thailand's worst
observed a couple of the storms Nth of Bris this arvo

Caboulture storm after it appears to split, left split inflow at 4:50pm app

Bellthorpe storm 4-55pm app

This storm seemed to get organised for a brief period and produced at the very least a funnel for app 1 minute before disapating
-5:01pm app video shot with funnel inprogress

I'll try and get the vid contrasted a bit and see what is visible.
And a bit after a shot from my missus

Paul D
One killed as storms ravage Qld - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

South-east Queensland is mopping up after
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