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Death toll climbs as Bangkok braces for floods - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The death toll from
Then came the hail, still working on the photos so I can post them. What an afternoon.

Fortunately we were on the tail end of the storm.
Just a few shots of today's supercell.

will post pics up as soon as i get them off my camera, out here at Canugra we got a nice wild storm.. had hail mostly pea sized with a few larger stones (about cherry tomato size) strong wind and lots of close lightning.
One killed as storms ravage Qld - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Bangkok reassures residents as water rises - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Bangkok residents have been assured flood walls will protect the capital from the country's worst
Thunder storms sweep across SE Qld - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a
Hi Everyone,

I had the idea of starting a thread for members to post what still/video cameras they use. How well they work for the purpose they are used and what recomendations people would give regarding equipment they currently use. This thread could become a good ongoing resource to help people with camera and related equipment purchases including software and computer hardware. So if you want to, why don't you go ahead and give your equipment a review?

I should clarify that the current severe looking cells are on the NSW side of the border ranges.
Things seem to be panning out a bit further south initially than the models were suggesting yesterday. There appears to  be two potential supercells along the border ranges, a larger high precipitation looking cell south of a line west of Kyogle and a more discrete cell north of Nimbin. If things go according to the models than more severe cells should initiate on the northern side of the line currently heading east towards the Gold Coast and north Brisbane and the sunshine coast hinterland should be in for lots of activity over the next few hours.
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