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Greens say Snowy flows poorly managed - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Greens MP John Kaye says this week's flushing flows down the Snowy River in New South Wales could have had a greater environmental benefit if they were better managed.

Thank you. It seems to be working well with me and I have my new password. Website looks interesting and I will certainly be having a good look at it and hopefully continue my storm chase reports.

I assume we can still upload photos and maps on our reports. It seems that this is specific for the storm chase reports only. Otherwise this looks great with new features.

Thank you.

Harley Pearman
Inquiry hears flood warnings were too slow - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Residents of Maryborough in south east Queensland have criticised the warnings given as rivers rose last summer at a hearing into the state's flood inquiry.
Hi Jimmy,

Thanks, all is working well, registration went through, and the site is looking good.


Hi Colin,

You are correct. I had not created a registration page. It is there now. Thanks for the feedback.


Jimmy Deguara
Hi Jimmy,

I tried to register but there is only provision for logins, the registration advices "User registration is currently not allowed."

I was unable to register.

Looking forward to the new website


Try now. I had to make a few changes which took out the login process and I forgot to return it.

The change over will be made over the next several days so please migrate across. Also note that the discussion is no longer section based but daily events - the calendar has the events on it.


Jimmy Deguara

Rotation is one thing - hard to tell from radar but it looks like a supercell - "tailend charlie"! The question asked was there a hook echo - hard to tell from the resolution and type of radar but I think it was a nice HP supercell probably with a nice beaver tail off the coast in particular.


Jimmy Deguara
Slight risk for the TX/OK panhandles today! Hurricane Jova to make landfall in Mexico tonight!

Today, there is a slight risk for severe weather for portions of the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, and a smaller risk further north from Kansas into Nebraska.  The Storm Prediction center has low probabilities for a tornado/hail/wind for the slight risk area shown on the left.  The latest RUC analysis (17z) actually shows the greatest potential for diurnal storms into Kansas and Nebraska between 23-0z (6-7 p.m.) where forcing is stronger and the cap is weaker.  Forecasted hodographs in west-central Kansas are supportive of supercells with large hail and damaging winds being the main threats--but an isolated tornado around dusk can not be ruled out.  Further south into the panhandles, the same is also possible, but storm initiation is still in question due to weaker forcing and mid/high level clouds which could hinder instability potential. Stay tuned, as storm chasers will be providing live video streams across the area, so be sure to tune in later as things unfold!

Hurricane Jova has weakened some (currently at 100 mph max sustained winds or a Cat 2 hurricane) but is still expected to cause havoc along the pacific coast between Barra de Navidad and Puerto Vallarta late tonight.  It could dump as much as 20 inches in some spots in Mexico and could cause significant flooding from the storm surge as well.  The map, above, shows the projected path of Hurricane Jova and current warnings for it by the National Hurricane Center.
Stay tuned for more chase reports from last week as October treated a few of us to some great structure and funnels!

Now thats an interesting radar signature ....hook echo people? its one of the last frames , after its gone off the coast

See : 128km Radar Loop for Gladstone, 04:00 07/10/2011 to 04:00 08/10/2011 UTC

Looked to me like the radar was indicating rotation in that cell as it heads off the coast? Or is that just me?  :-\
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