Author Topic: N NSW / SE QLD storms 19 July 2010  (Read 5501 times)

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N NSW / SE QLD storms 19 July 2010
« on: 20 July 2010, 11:37:31 AM »
looks like some storms around. BOM has a storm warning .A storm south of us ATM with nice lightning. another coming from the northwest in next few hours.

For people in parts of the
NORTHERN RIVERS Forecast District.

Issued at 3:39 pm Monday, 19 July 2010.

Severe thunderstorms may produce large hailstones, very heavy rainfall, flash flooding and damaging winds in the warning area over the next several hours. Locations which may be affected include Lismore, Ballina, Alstonville, Evans Head, Yamba and Maclean.

we shall see what happens.


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RE: N NSW / SE QLD storms 19 July 2010
« Reply #1 on: 20 July 2010, 12:38:24 PM »
Hi guys, (it's been a while!)

We had a nice hail storm pass through the Ridge early this morning (19th July) at 5:27am EST.

Stones were smallish to start around 3-5mm but they got to 12mm (marble size) near the rear of the core. The storm lasted only 5mins but it was more than enough to blanket my driveway with hail stones and get me out of bed and race outside into it- in ridiculously low temps lol! There was one single thunder rumble but I didn't visibly catch any lightning.

Nice to see! We don't get hail all that often out here (even in summer) for some reason, but really good to see it!  ;D

Just waiting patiently on the warmer months to arrive now!   

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