Author Topic: Eastern NSW Storms including Canberra severe hailstorm - 24 Feb - 1 Mar 2007  (Read 56422 times)

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Your photos are just awesome Jeff! Perfect positioning.

Did you (or anyone else) notice rotation in the mid-levels with this storm? I could not see from where I was, but the wall cloud had signs of rotation and as i said in my post, I think a few 'needle' funnels developed. I was not sure whether the low level circulation developed due to storm scale processes or whether, as per Nov 2005 near Jimmy's place, the storm seemed to develop a brief but tight low-level circulation, with multiple and quite distinct funnel clouds, and without any obvious deep rotation in the parent storm.

Will look at your photos tonight wol, due to download issues here.

Storm Chaser,
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I am not sure if these pictures have yet to be posted but I don't recall seeing them myself:


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