Tropical Cyclones
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Australian Region Tropical Cyclone Season 1907-1908
Season 1907-1908 Summaries: [BoM-AU]
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Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) Tropical Cyclone Data
Generally includes all tropical cyclones if the track commenced or moved into the
Australian warning areas (between 90 E and 160 E).

Cyclone Name Map
Basin Date Range (UTC) Min
Tracking Map and data
190708_01 1 2 / 190708_01 SPAC 06 Jan 1908 - 10 Jan 1908 999
Tropical Cyclone 190708_01
190708_02 2 3 / 190708_02 SPAC 11 Mar 1908 - 13 Mar 1908 992
Tropical Cyclone 190708_02

Minimum central pressure (CP) in hPa. Maximum winds are 10-min average in knots.

Tropical cyclone tracks developed by Michael Bath using data from the Bureau of Meteorology and Google Maps.

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