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Insane Wind Damage in Norman and This Weekend's Chasing Prospects!

While prepping for this upcoming weekend's chasing, Reed and I took a break and chased a high-based supercell which caused a lot of straight-line wind damage in Norman, Oklahoma, yesterday evening.  The supercell exhibited textbook supercell characteristics, and from time-to-time, would produce high-based funnels during the end of the supercell's occlusions.  Check out the radar image below and note the hook echo on reflectivity.

If there were better moisture in place, shear and instability were more than adequate for tornadic supercells!  Instead, the high bases created a lot of outflow/downbursts towards the surface, impacting a lot of Norman.  Major tree and powerline damage was reported on the eastern part of Norman along 12th street--between Robinson and Lindsay streets--along with some structural damage done to businesses, houses and apartment complexes.  At this time, we haven't heard of any major injuries, thankfully.  Check out the video from yesterday below!

Towards the end of this week and into the weekend, there should be multiple chase days with several shortwaves ejecting into the Central/Northern Plains and into the Northern/Mid Mississippi valley.  TVN plans on chasing this entire next system, from beginning to end, and is ready to launch more cannon probes, along with collecting additonal data inside of tornadoes with the improved radar system!  D2 has been getting massive upgrades and getting fine tuned in preparation for this weekend's potential tornado outbreak. The already overflowed Missouri river from parts of South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa could potentially get worse as more rainfall could impact communities already experiencing major flooding.  We witnessed the Pierre, Bismarck and the Sioux City communities first hand in their preparation for more flooding and wish the best for all.

Our live streamers will be out all week and into the weekend, so be sure to check out the LIVE STREAM page and watch the storms unfold as they happen!

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