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Video of severe storm in Norman, OK on June 14, 2011

While prepping for this weekend's chasing, Reed and I took a break and chased a high-based supercell that caused a lot of straight-line wind damage in Norman, OK yesterday evening.  The supercell exhibited textbook supercell characteristics and from time-to-time would produce high-based funnels but were never close to touching down given the very high cloud bases.   Check out the radar image at left and note the hook echo on reflectivity.  Substantial tree damage was widespread in central Norman as 70+ mph straightline winds hammered the city along with golfball to tennis ball size hail.  Toward the end of this week and into the weekend, there will likely be multiple storm chasing days in a row with potentially significant tornado outbreaks over the Central Plains into the western Great Lakes on June 19-20.  Dominator 2 will finally be finished and rolling on all cylinders!  Check out the video below while punching the core of the Norman supercell.

Damaging supercell strikes Norman, OK! June 14, 2011
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