Author Topic: NSW and SE QLD Rain and Storms 3 - 6 November 2010  (Read 10597 times)

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RE: NSW and SE QLD Rain and Storms 3 - 6 November 2010
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NW Sydney heavy shower 6/10/2010

It has also been a wet week in Sydney. Around my local area being Blacktown, rainfall has varied from 35 to 41 mm depending on locality. Other areas of Sydney have had more. It has also been a wet start to November.

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday 6 November 2010), I happened to be at the Circa Shopping Centre off Windsor Road or North West Boulevard at around 1 pm when I noticed a dark broadening cloud mass developing overhead (Photo below). This cloud developed overhead where I was and shortly after taking the photo, a heavy to very heavy rain shower ensured. While it was already wet, it was significant enough to cause some overflow of street gutters during the peak. Slowly the rain dwindled to a light shower then a clearing trend took hold. The cloud tower decayed after dumping its contents over a small area around Nor West, Kings Langley, Bella Vista and Glenwood.

This rain event occurred between 1 pm and 2 pm over a small area. There are no weather stations in this locality so the amount of rain that fell is not known.

The photo that I took is taken looking east from Elizabeth Macarthur Drive close to the Circa Shopping Center and the broadening cloud mass is developing overhead where I was.

Harley Pearman