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Minnesota braces for another round of extreme weather!

One month after the historic

June 17th tornado outbreak ravaged the state, forecast models show an impressive combination of wind shear and high  instability coming together over central and southern Minnesota late tomorrow  afternoon, meaning the area could again endure another round of what has been an  extended period of  tumultuous weather. A strong surface low is projected to  develop over the west-central part of the state by mid-afternoon tomorrow,  bringing south-southeasterly winds and moisture into central Minnesota  by tomorrow evening. At the same time, a mid-level short-wave trough is expected  to be entering the area, which, when combined with the high instability, will  create a highly dynamic environment ripe for intense thunderstorm development. A  few question marks remain with the forecast, one of those being how long storms  will be able to remain discrete. Right now it would appear as though cells will  fire over southwest Minnesota late tomorrow afternoon, then merge relatively  quickly into a larger-scale complex. If this happens, the chances for tornadoes  will diminish, but the threat for widespread extremely damaging winds will  become a huge concern for areas of southern MN, including the Minneapolis metro  area. However, if thunderstorms are able to remain discrete for any considerable  amount of time, the threat for strong tornadoes will increase dramatically.  Either way, residents should definitely remain alert to changing conditions  tomorrow afternoon. The usual crew from Minnesota will be streaming live once  again -- we're very fortunate to have such a dedicated group of chasers in the  northern Plains this season! As with all of the live streamers, they play a critical role in helping the NWS and local media with the ground-truth they need to warn the public -- this in addition to allowing everyone else who can't chase see what's happening, of course!
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