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Pictures and video from yesterday's tornadoes in Colorado!

June 10 turned out to be a pretty amazing chase day for those who were in east-central Colorado. One dominant supercell southeast of Denver produced at least two highly photogenic tornadoes near the town of Deer Trail. It also produced hail larger than baseballs, which did a number on a lot of chasers' vehicles -- a lot of windshields are in need of attention today! Verne Carlson streamed the tornadoes on the Live page and provided the photos above, and below is the video captured by the probe/radar support vehicle, occupied by Dave Demko and Chris Chittick of TVN and Gerald Godbold of Hyperion. Today looks as though it could be more of the same in eastern Colorado and surrounding areas, so be sure to follow the action on the Live page this afternoon and evening!

Incredible Colorado Supercell and Tornadoes! June 10, 2010

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