Author Topic: Tornadoes Moderate Risk! Tornado watch for Nebraska and Iowa!  (Read 2367 times)

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Moderate Risk! Tornado watch for Nebraska and Iowa!

A line of supercell thunderstorms has erupted in eastern Nebraska, with  multiple reports of tornadoes and extremely large hail coming in from the  eastern-most cell, which is almost to the Iowa border. The severe weather  activity is expected to ramp up as the afternoon progresses, as the instability  will be greatest and the shear will ultimately become more favorable for  tornadic storms. Strong tornadoes will be possible, so residents need to remain  especially aware of that potential, as well as for the continuing possibility of  giant hail! Eventually a large Mesoscale Convective System is expected to  materialize from this line of supercells, so flooding rains and damaging winds  will become an increasing concern as well. There are a number of chasers already in the field streaming this event, so be sure to follow along on the Live  page!

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