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Northern plains tornado outbreak possible today!

After Saturday's incredible tornadofest in north-central South Dakota, the northern Plains are bracing for Round 2, as a widespread outbreak of severe weather appears to be unfolding across the central part of the United States this afternoon. In contrast to Saturday's slow-moving single supercell/tornado-producing machine, numerous supercells are expected from near the Canadian border all the way to the Texas Panhandle; storms are ongoing at this time, and watch boxes stretch from the ND/SD border all the way to the Rio Grande in southwest Texas! This is an association with a strong midlevel trough with an attendant surface low that is ejecting out of the central Rockies this afternoon. Directional wind shear is very strong in the low levels, so despite instability that is comparatively lower (than Saturday) in the highest-shear areas, storms that fire will likely have very strong updrafts and will be capable of producing tornadoes; this could be a long afternoon for Nebraska and the Dakotas, especially! As always, be sure to follow the live streams today as a number of chasers are fanned out across the central and northern Plains this afternoon. This is an especially dangerous situation for the public, as storms will be flying today -- motions of 60 MPH are not out of the question!
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