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Tornadoes High risk in Oklahoma!
« on: 20 May 2010, 11:00:20 PM »
High risk in Oklahoma

Supercell thunderstorms are expected today over central and eastern Oklahoma. According to the it appears that the greatest threat for intense storms will be around the I-35 corridor and points east; southern Kansas will likely see some of this activity as well. Essentially, this event is expected to unfold over the same general area as last week's destructive tornado outbreak, but perhaps just slightly more to the east. Today's setup differs from the 10th in that the wind shear is not expected to be quite as strong over such a wide area, but instability is forecast to be greater, especially according to the GFS (which has done quite well this Spring). Also, unlike the high risk outbreak on May 10th, storm motions will not be as out of control today, so chasers will likely find the conditions to be much more favorable from a logistics standpoint. Similarly, residents should have more time to react to impending severe weather. The forecast conditions do support the possibility of strong tornadoes and extremely large hail, so anyone in the risk areas should definitely be mindful of the severe weather potential today.

As always, multiple teams of chasers will be in the field streaming this event. Many chasers from out of the region (or even the country!) have ventured to the Plains for their "chasecations," appropriately timed as, in addition to yesterday and today, this weekend looks to be especially active over a wide area, perhaps from the Dakotas to the Texas Panhandle. Last evening the Austins of Florida-based team streamed several tornadoes spawned by the lone supercell north of Amarillo. Chase Team Denmark has also been right in the thick of the best action for the last few weeks
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