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Tornadoes : KS/OK 10 May 2010 Tornado Outbreak
« on: 11 May 2010, 07:00:12 AM »
Historic tornado outbreak possible tomorrow

May 10, 2010 could go down as a day storm chasers, weather enthusiasts and residents of the southern Plains remember for a long time. Current data suggests that a significant outbreak of severe weather and tornadoes is likely to occur across parts of Oklahoma and Kansas, and possibly stretching into western Missouri. As such, the Storm Prediction Center has issued a Day-2 Moderate risk,  which is very likely to be upgraded to High Risk for tomorrow.

Intense thunderstorms are expected to develop along and just east of a  dryline that will enter western Oklahoma during the afternoon. For several days  leading up to this event, there was some indication that a strong cap could  prevent storms from firing until around dark (or at all), but more recent model  runs have shown weaker CIN, as well as precipitation breaking out on the NAM  reflectivity model; at this time, it does appear that the cap will break. A very  moist, unstable air mass will be in place across the risk area, along with  tremendous wind energy. Directional shear will be favorable for strongly  rotating supercells, which are likely to be long-lived and would have the  potential to produce strong to violent tornadoes. Right now there is a question  as to how many storms people should expect. That is hard to predict; there could  be 2-3 isolated monster storms all day, or multiple supercells could explode  across the region and continue into the evening. Regardless of that, people in  the risk area should definitely take some time now to review all  critical weather safety information. Be sure you have a plan in place, and pay  close attention to watches and warnings. This could easily be the biggest chase  day of the year as well, with numerous storm chasers flocking to Oklahoma and  Kansas from as far away as Montana, Michigan, Minnesota and even Europe! Vortex2  will also be out. It goes without saying that tomorrow will be a memorable  weather day on a variety of levels. Be safe if you're heading out!
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Re: Tornadoes : KS/OK 10 May 2010 Tornado Outbreak
« Reply #1 on: 11 May 2010, 05:00:12 PM »
High Risk!!  Plus, new Live Video page

The Storm Prediction Center has issued a high risk for tornadoes today across northeast Oklahoma and far southeast Kansas!  This is due to a very strong storm system moving into the region this morning, and expected to touch off a round of strong supercells later this afternoon.  Stay tuned to TVN for further updates!

Also, we're rolling out a new live video page today.  For those of you looking for the chat link, it is still available in the User Menu on the left after you log into your account.
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Re: Tornadoes : KS/OK 10 May 2010 Tornado Outbreak
« Reply #2 on: 12 May 2010, 01:00:13 AM »
HIGH RISK! Tornado outbreak imminent!

Parts of Oklahoma and Kansas are bracing for what looks to be a very dangerous afternoon and evening, as the ingredients for a major severe weather  outbreak are coming together across the southern Plains. Tornado watches are in effect from western and central Kansas through central Oklahoma right now, including a PDS tornado watch with maxed out probabilities for the bulk of the high risk areas (above). Storms have fired over western Kansas and Oklahoma, and are expected to rapidly increase in intensity throughout the afternoon. Several tornadoes have already been reported in western Kansas. Dozens of chasers are streaming live on the iMap right now; you can follow along by clicking

This is an extremely dangerous weather situation, so residents in the risk areas are urged to take this very seriously and be prepared now!
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Re: Tornadoes : KS/OK 10 May 2010 Tornado Outbreak
« Reply #3 on: 12 May 2010, 09:00:36 AM »
9MSN reported at 1.05 pm Tuesday 11/05/2010

Four people have been killed in Oklahoma during an outbreak of violent weather that dropped tornadoes across parts of the Southern Plains.

The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management said three people were killed at Tecumseh on Monday and that another person died at Oklahoma City.

Tecumseh is about 72 kilometres southeast of Oklahoma City.

The agency did not have any additional details.

The storms caused traffic accidents that closed two major cross-country interstate highways. Damage was reported throughout much of northern, central and eastern Oklahoma.

The Storm Prediction Centre at Norman had predicted the outbreak, saying the atmosphere had the right mix of winds, heat and moisture.

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Re: Tornadoes : KS/OK 10 May 2010 Tornado Outbreak
« Reply #4 on: 12 May 2010, 10:32:52 AM »
Well some ridiculous shear and cape created a high risk tornado threat that produced some large twisters ..
there is plenty of video about but the tornado videos guys have the best so far.....except for Andy Gabrielson stuff from Wakita

Extreme Tornado Intercepts! May 10, 2010 Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak

and this wedge in Ok by the storm report is evil

May 10th, 2010 Grant County, Oklahoma Tornado

this is near wakita.(((sound familiar))))???? we got cows! shot by andy gabrielson..awesome multivortex.......

May 10, 2010 Multiple Tornadoes in north central Oklahoma

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Re: Tornadoes : KS/OK 10 May 2010 Tornado Outbreak
« Reply #5 on: 12 May 2010, 11:00:14 AM »
Extreme Tornado Intercepts from the Dominator

Here is the video from the tornado intercepts today with the Dominator.  The first series of suction vortices ripping trees out of the ground was from the Wakita to Medford supercell, and went from pure chaos with vortices ripping trees out of the ground and snapping power poles all around us, to a cone/wedge near Medford.  The elephant trunk was from west of Pawkuska, OK in Osage County with a second supercell, and we actually intercepted this one as it crossed the road, but it happened so fast I couldn't get the window up and nearly blew us off the road.  We then dropped south and punched the core of the Norman to Shawnee to Checotah storm but the tornado had just lifted when we gained visual of the wall cloud.

Extreme Tornado Intercepts! May 10, 2010 Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak

Sadly, 5 deaths have been reported from this outbreak, with many more missing as of this evening.  I believe preliminary damage surveys have shown EF3 damage in Norman, but I wouldn't be surprised if stronger damage is found tomorrow as the survey continues.  Stay tuned as more information becomes available.  Meanwhile, more storm chases anticipated in the Southern Plains over the next few days...
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