Author Topic: Tornadoes Moderate Risk! Severe weather event likely for the midwest!  (Read 2218 times)

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Moderate Risk! Severe weather event likely for the midwest!

Tornadoes are possible today across extreme southern Michigan into northern  Ohio and Indiana! An abundance of wind energy will be situated over the  lower Great Lakes region and lower Ohio Valley today into this evening, and,  when combined with the moisture-rich airmass currently surging into the region  and moderate instability, intense thunderstorms -- including supercells -- are  expected to develop ahead of a strong cold front. This same cold front could  result in snow showers for parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin tonight! Directional  shear conducive for tornadoes is expected to be the greatest along a narrow  corridor stretching from near Fort Wayne, IN east to the Cleveland area, north  to the Michigan border region. Given the dynamics, I would not be surprised to  see a few strong tornadoes over northern Ohio. The main severe weather threat  does appear to be damaging winds over a wider area, and very large hail will  also be a concern; this could be especially dangerous in more densely-populated  areas near the Cleveland metro. TVN made the trip to the target area overnight  and will be streaming later this afternoon, while Jim Walker is streaming from  the western edge of the moderate risk area now! Be sure to follow along on the Live page!

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