Author Topic: Tornadoes Tornadoes possible for Arkansas & southwest Missouri  (Read 2018 times)

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Tornadoes possible for Arkansas & southwest Missouri

Severe thunderstorms are in the outlook for parts of Arkansas, southwest  Missouri and extreme eastern Oklahoma late this afternoon into tonight as  another robust storm system ejects out of the southern Plains. Plenty of wind  shear will be in place for rotating storms, the timing of the arrival of  adequate moisture will play a large part in determining the outcome of today's  event. Dewpoints are currently in the mid to low 40s across much of Arkansas,  and while model guidance suggests that 50 degree dewpoints could be attainable  as far north as Fayetteville late today, the question still remains as to  whether that moisture will arrive in time for the best mid/upper level support.  This system is similar to the one that produced multiple tornadoes and extremely  large hail in Arkansas on March 10, so based on that recent history lesson, if  50-degree dewpoints can make it on time, storms with rotating updrafts should be  easy to come by from Springfield to Little Rock. Brian Emfinger and others will  likely be out later this afternoon, so be sure to check the Live page for  updates!
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