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'Ghost' photos.
« on: 27 November 2007, 04:47:36 AM »
Had to give this thread a name such as I did because this is something that just defies belief and a question arose out of a series of photographs that I viewed last night with a friend.

He showed me two sets of photographs taken a few months back of his new grand daughter.  Now nothing unsual about that, BUT on the image is another photograph superimposed halfway along it of a friend of ours taken on his 60th birthday.

Problems:  The roll of film taken to take photos of the grand daughter were taken some months ago was a NEW roll.

The photo of our mate was taken 11 YEARS ago with a separate, new roll of film back then!!!!!!!

The camera is just a simple battery powered auto advance film camera with an auto zoom lens and nothing fancy - it has no memory or CCD card or whatever.  The camera has been overseas, locally and abroad and has never duplicated the hundreds of photos from anywhere else. We initially thought that the film had advanced automatically only halfway and a double exposure was the problem - but how do you explain the guys image on a photo 11 years later on an image taken on a brand new roll of film this year???

Yes, our mate is alive and well by the way and we have not told him of what we found!

Members with any photographic knowledge might want to comment -eh Nick?

It's creepy but we have to find out why or how this simple camera is retaining information such as this and why did it transfer that particular image 11 years later?


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