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Argentina-Brazil Tornadoes!  TVN to deploy in the Southern Hemisphere...

Given that right now is spring in the Southern Hemisphere, we are currently in the midst of the Argentina-Brazil tornado season, which will continue through about February.  As posted earlier, there have already been several tornado outbreaks down there already, and El Nino is only intensifying the South American tornado season.  Our plan is to head down to Argentina in late December into January for a few weeks, and see if we can pull off some successful storm chases down there.  We'll be uploading our videos to TVN immediately after the chases, and will even try to stream some live video...So stay tuned for updates!  In the meantime, here are some new South American tornado videos I found this morning because of my need for some tornado action during the off-season.  Notice how the clear-slot/RFD in these videos cuts into the meso from right to left before wrapping around the tornado cyclone in a clockwise direction.  This could get confusing!

Tornado em Urupema-SC Brasil

Tornado surpreende moradores de SC, 01-01-09

Tornado no Brasil (SC)

Tornado na Rodovia Castelo Branco
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