Author Topic: Tornadoes Typhoon Parma raging in the south Pacific!  (Read 4140 times)

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Tornadoes Typhoon Parma raging in the south Pacific!
« on: 03 October 2009, 01:00:15 AM »
Typhoon Parma raging in the south Pacific

Typhoon Fury is preparing to deploy to the Philippines to intercept typhoon Parma! Currently located about 400 miles east of Manila, Parma is moving to the northwest at apx. 12 MPH. The storm exploded overnight to a 130kt super typhoon, but has since weakened somewhat as it encountered some vertical wind shear and dry air associated with another disturbance to the north. While satellite imagery indicates that recovery is underway, Parma is not expected to return to super typhoon strength, but this is still a very dangerous situation for those in the path. Parma is currently on track to impact the northeast coast of the Philippines. James says that several agencies forecast Parma to stall very close to northern Philippines, which would be a recipe for disaster given the extreme amounts of rain and all that would come as a result. A few models show Parma wobbling to the north prior to striking the Philippines, so James may reposition to Taiwan if necessary.

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