Author Topic: TS Koppu taking aim on south China  (Read 3694 times)

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TS Koppu taking aim on south China
« on: 15 September 2009, 07:00:15 PM »
TS Koppu taking aim on south China

Tropical Storm Koppu is currently on a course for southern China, and James  Reynolds of is preparing to document the extreme conditions that  are expected. Koppu is a large Tropical Storm, and has undergone rapid intensification over the last day and could poses a significant threat to James' home base of Hong Kong. As of the last statement from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, the system is expected to  continue tracking west-northwest and make landfall near Tau, with maximum  significant wave heights currently at ~ 20 feet.
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Re: TS Koppu taking aim on south China
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Been watching this over the last few days as my sister is living in Hong Kong atm, gave me a call today to brag about the cyclone they had yesterday, the whole place shut down and they lock you in the hotel shes living in and no ones aloud outside, so she quickly ran out before they closed up and said the wind was awesome, but obviously wasn't too bad. Apparently last year the hotel she is in had windows blown in from one last year. Said it was a cool experience.