Author Topic: Tropical Storm Claudette to make landfall on the FL Panhandle  (Read 3501 times)

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Tropical Storm Claudette to make landfall on the FL Panhandle

Tropical Storm Claudette has intensified slowly throughout the day today, with the 5:00 pm EDT advisory indicating maximum sustained winds of 45 knots.  A weak shortwave trough has no passed through the Southeast U.S., allowing for the upper-level wind shear near Claudette to decrease substantially.  In response to this more ideal environment for strengthening, a small area of convection has intensified near the center this afternoon.  As the kinematic conditions become increasingly favorable, strengthening is anticipated over the next 8-12 hours prior to landfall tonight on the Florida Panhandle.

As the tropical cyclone has intensified, the eastern feeder band over the northeast Gulf of Mexico and Florida Peninsula has also become more robust, with occasional rotating storms in the Tampa area.  The threat for tornadoes will likely increase overnight as Claudette makes landfall, with the eastern FL Panhandle and western FL peninsula having the biggest threat through evening.
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