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Cristy Bartlett

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Tornado Alley 2008
« on: 15 January 2009, 03:03:57 PM »
Tornado Alley 2008

Cristy Bartlett, George Kouronis, Charles Edwards and Mike Theiss........
almost getting blown away!

If it does not work  copy and paste this URL into windows explorer: though REMOVE the    www.

Edit by Jimmy Deguara - Actually Daniel Shaw was in that same group and showed me his footage! That was way too close! Very spectacular rotation in that incredible wind shear!

George Kouronis, Charles Edwards and Mike Theiss are good friends of mine. We crossed paths and chatted many times over the years.


Jimmy Deguara
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Cristy Bartlett

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Re: Tornado Alley 2008
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yes i remember daniel!
and george told me about your australian chase with him:)
i hope to go chasing with them again in 2010!
and im waiting for mike to come to australia so we can go cyclone chasing!