Author Topic: Tornadoes TVN/D2 preparing to leave to chase Hurricane Irene!  (Read 4045 times)

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TVN/D2 preparing to leave to chase Hurricane Irene!

TVN is preparing to leave Norman by 22z to chase Hurricane Irene, with an initial target of Cape Fear, NC.  We are chasing in the D2, and are just about to run some radar tests before departure and keeping our options open for an intercept in the Northeast as well.  Hurricane Irene, currently, is a category 3 hurricane, with sustained wind speeds of 115 mph. If data allows, we will be streaming Hurricane Irene LIVE, on our live video page, as well as doing numerous video blogs in the field via Reed's fan page on Facebook. Hurricane warnings should be issued by the 5 pm (21z) update from the NHC for North Carolina.  Stay tuned for more updates, on TornadoVideos.Net, as Irene makes her way up the east coast.
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