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Storm Photo of the Week (July 31- August 6), Northern Lights and Chasing Potential!

We are starting a new thing here at TornadoVideos.Net, publishing user  submitted photos once a week.  They can be any kind of weather, from  anywhere in the world!  This includes any kind of weather phenomena  (tornadoes, storm clouds, lightning, etc) or even things such as  atmospheric optics (Sun halos, northern lights, etc).  It is very  important to understand that TVN will NOT sell your photos, we will  simply share them on our website, Facebook pages, and Twitter.  If this  interests you and you'd like your photos displayed through these  outlets, simply send them to TVN[email protected] with a description in  the Subject Line....then the date and the phenomena. 
 Our first winner of the "Storm Photo of the Week" goes to Kristi  Howard! (Photo Above) She sends this photo from Sapulpa, OK on May 22nd, 2011 looking  northeast at the "Joplin Supercell" as it was forming and before the  EF-5 tornado struck the city of Joplin, Missouri.  Those who wish to  help those still recovering from the deadly Joplin tornado, may do so by  donating to the Red Cross or the Joplin Missouri Disaster Relief Fund.
 Northern Lights are possible tonight for any High-Latitude watchers with  cloud-free skies.  To best view northern lights, head away from city  lights, and look to the north and northeast of your location.  NOAA  space weather forecasters give tonight a 35% chance of mid-latitude  watchers and 40% chance for high-latitude watchers.  This stems from a  solar flare that erupted earlier this week, so get out tonight and see  if you can see them on the northern horizon!
 Finally, a small chance for tornadoes tomorrow exists in portions of  Central MN, Eastern ND and SD.  Depending on tonight's MCS, there could  be a few tornadoes in this area and I will be heading up north from KC  after I type this post to position myself for tomorrow and the northern  lights tonight.  TVN streamers will be out in full-force tomorrow, so be  sure to check out the Live Chasing page here and follow Reed's Facebook  fan page and Twitter account for live updates!
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