Author Topic: Tornadoes Major storm system impacting the central and southern Plains!  (Read 2569 times)

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Major storm system impacting the central and southern Plains!

Strong tornadoes, giant hail and extremely damaging winds appear to be in the offing today as a powerful, early season-like storm system will bring very strong wind shear into a region of high instability over much of the Plains this afternoon. The absence of a strong cap will allow severe storms to develop early today in eastern Nebraska south into northeastern Kansas, with later development in western Iowa and in Oklahoma expected; the threat for powerful storms should last into the overnight hours as the storm system continues its eastward progression, with a large area of the central U.S. under the threat of severe weather tomorrow. For today, the]Storm Prediction Center[/url] has placed much of this highly-sheared, highly unstable region under a moderate risk for severe storms, with an emphasis on the possibility of strong tornadoes (especially in eastern NE); a]PDS tornado watch[/url] was just issued for north-central Kansas and east-central Nebraska. A number of storm chasers have already descended on the region or are getting into position for later storms; as always, their video can be found on our Live page. Residents of the areas under threat for severe weather are urged to monitor local media and weather service statements, and review safety plans in case of severe weather. This year, unlike any other in recent memory, should be a testament to the importance of remaining vigilant on days when the atmosphere is in an uproar.
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