Author Topic: Tornadoes Moderate Risk for eastern Ozarks into Oklahoma today!  (Read 2527 times)

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Moderate Risk for eastern Ozarks into Oklahoma today!


We are currently in-route for today's storm chasing target near St Louis, along a warm front where enhanced low-level wind shear and more than ample instability will be in place by peak heating. Today's event looks very similar to the chase we had a few days ago on April 19, where a few supercells traversed the warm front and produced very nice, intercept-able tornadoes.

After today, there is a small chance of supercells in southeast Oklahoma/northeast Texas on Saturday, with a much more substantial threat of dryline supercells and tornadoes in Central Oklahoma into Northwest Texas on Sunday.  This storm system will intensify as it ejects east from the Southern Plains, with potentially significant tornado outbreaks for the Lower Mississippi River Valley and surrounding areas on Monday-Tuesday.

Stay tuned for updates, and be sure to check out our Live page to follow the chase in real time!  Today is the first storm chase with the Dominator so let the intercepts begin!


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