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Tornadoes Moderate risk! Tornado watches issued!
« on: 10 March 2011, 06:00:20 AM »
Moderate risk! Tornado watches issued!

Severe thunderstorms capable of tornadoes have erupted along the Red  River area of north Texas and southern Oklahoma, as well as across the lower  Mississippi Valley as a strong upper-level storm system continues to push toward  the mid-Mississippi Valley this afternoon. A warm front lifting north out of  Louisiana into southern Arkansas has brought mid to upper 60s dewpoints to parts  of north Texas (east of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro), Louisiana and western  Mississippi. The dryline currently situated just east of the DFW area has  sparked a number of powerful, semi-discrete storms, and has prompted tornado  warnings near Paris, Texas. UPDATE: storm chasers have also reported a damaging tornado in Clarksville, TX! Further east, tornado warnings have also been issued  in east-central Louisiana this afternoon. The Storm Prediction Center has  outlined a heightened risk for strong tornadoes later this afternoon and into  the evening across central Louisiana and western Mississippi, in anticipation of  the arrival of increased wind shear entering this already unstable region. The  high-precipitation nature of these storms adds another element of danger to what  could turn into a mostly after-dark event, so those in the risk areas should  remain especially alert, monitor local media and NWS statements and have a  plan of action in case a warning is issued.  A number of storm chasers are in the field for this event, so be sure to check the LIVE page for a look at things in real-time
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