Author Topic: Dangerous winter storm to impact much of the central U.S  (Read 4034 times)

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Dangerous winter storm to impact much of the central U.S
« on: 01 February 2011, 08:00:11 AM »
Dangerous winter storm to impact much of the central U.S.

A severe winter weather situation is currently developing across the central and southern Plains, and will spread into the Ohio Valley region over the next several days.  A powerful storm system crashing ashore in northern California will continue to surge southeast across the Four Corners region, and will eventually converge with abundant moisture being pumped north from the western Gulf of Mexico. As a result, a strong surface low is anticipated to develop over the Arklatex region on Monday and move northeast, eventually reaching and continuing northeast along the Ohio River by Tuesday. With cold air already in place over Oklahoma, and as a reinforcing arctic airmass continues to push generally southward from the western Canadian prairies, an outbreak of extreme winter weather is expected, stretching from Oklahoma to the central Appalachians by mid-week. Forecast models are not in total agreement as to how much or what type of wintry precip will fall, but a large part of Oklahoma, eastern Kansas and especially Missouri could see very heavy, possibly historic amounts of snow beginning Monday into late Tuesday, with blizzard conditions possible as well. Areas just to the south of the snow line may see a damaging ice storm, with freezing rain accumulations of 1" possible, along with sleet and accumulating snow. Residents of central and eastern OK into the]Kansas City[/url], Springfield and St. Louis, MO area are urged to monitor the latest information from local media and National Weather Service offices, be prepared for power outages and brutally cold wind chills, along with crippling snowfall. We will post updates as they become available as well!
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RE: Dangerous winter storm to impact much of the central U.S
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Central U.S. getting rocked by winter storm!

A crippling blizzard has set in across a large part of the central United  States, due to what many meteorologists are calling the largest winter storm  system they've ever seen. Check out the water vapor imagery above to get a look  at this monster from satellite-view! Overnight into this morning, parts of north Texas experienced significant amounts of sleet and freezing rain, with numerous accidents and major travel issues resulting around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Precipitation that developed over north Texas last evening rapidly spread north, across the Red River and into Oklahoma. Beginning just before midnight and lasting into today, a large  portion of Oklahoma experienced first heavy sleet and then very heavy snow, both of which were at times accompanied by thunder and lightning, along with 30-40 MPH winds  (gusting to over 50 at times). Total accumulations ranging generally between  6-14" are common over much of the state, with northeast OK picking up the most on average. Near Tulsa, portions of the Hardrock Casino's roof collapsed earlier this morning after it was damaged by high winds and heavy snow. Even though the snow has tapered off by now, high winds  continue across most of Oklahoma, with dangerous wind chills of around -20 common, and severe blowing snow and drifting making  travel near impossible. As the storm has continued northeast into Missouri,  extremely heavy snow has been falling across the I-44 corridor and points north,  along with the standard, 30-40 MPH blizzard-criteria winds. The St. Louis area  and points east will likely be impacted the hardest, with snow amounts of up to  2 feet possible, along with winds in excess of 40 MPH, again, creating  widespread blizzard conditions. The situation will continue to develop northeast  of St. Louis, and will impact Chicago, Indiana, Ohio and Lower Michigan with  similar conditions into tomorrow. Snow has not been the only issue with this  massive storm system, as freezing rain has also been a problem just south of the  snow line. The Indianapolis area is currently bracing for a major ice storm,  where an inch or more of freezing rain is possible along with more strong  winds, which will further complicate any icing that transpires. In addition,  this highly dynamic system has prompted tornado watches in the Gulf Coast area,  where temperatures are in the 70s, shear is very strong and instability has been  adequate enough for a number of severe thunderstorms. Be sure to visit your  local NWS website or monitor local media for news on current conditions if  you're in the path of this dangerous storm system. - A number of storm chasers  are stationed over the bulk of the area affected by this impressive winter  storm, so as always, tune in to the Live page for a look at the conditions on  the ground in those areas. Also, don't forget Holdercast for the latest  graphical analysis of what's to come!
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