Author Topic: US trip 2006 - May 2 2006 north west Texas - supercell and tornadoes  (Read 6778 times)

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We initially headed to Shamrock and then immediately headed south to Memphis and straight to this storm in Kent County. Any comments would be appreciated as this was very close to producing but I found some interesting precioitation motion just after this - all on video. Rotation was reasonably strong at this point.

this photo is courtesy Daniel Shaw.

Nice surprise - great structure overhead  with the wall cloud - let alone the hailstones we had to pass through to get to it. No roads beyond this point. We headed east but that meant the circulation would eventually become rainwrapped.

We eventually got onto a dead end road and two vehicles got stuck - end of chase.


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Nice looking storm. ;D   First glance of the top photo looks like a funnel there.

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