Author Topic: Tornadoes Severe weather exploding across the lower MS Valley region!  (Read 2991 times)

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Severe weather exploding across the lower MS Valley region

A tornado watch is currently in effect for most of Louisiana into western  Mississippi and extreme southern Arkansas. Earlier forecast models had projected  weak to moderate instability across this region, but special 18z soundings  reveal CAPE approaching 3,000 across south-central Louisiana. This is  materializing in a very strongly-sheared environment, and strongly-rotating  thunderstorms have been the result. A number of tornado warnings have been  issued this afternoon, as a line of training, semi-discrete storms have  developed over an area stretching from Monroe southwest to Natchitoches. These  storms have been intensifying rather quickly, so this is definitely a time where  residents should take the general tornado watch seriously, as strong rotation  can often develop between radar scans giving forecasters less time to issue  warnings. It appears that one possibly strong tornado has already occurred near Atlanta, LA, where several homes have been reported destroyed, and numerous trees snapped. The threat for tornadoes will continue to increase into the evening  and overnight for points east, so residents of the lower Mississippi River  valley region and mid-south should remain alert to any changing conditions!
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Re: Tornadoes Severe weather exploding across the lower MS Valley region!
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Breaking news reports suggest that Yazoo City, MS, has just been hit by another significant tornado.  According to the Storm Prediction Center, structural and tree damage has occurred, though the extent and severity are as-yet unknown.  Other news reports indicate that the tornado may have tracked directly through the center of town, and that power is out through most of the city.  The picture to the left shows a strong radar couplet moving over the Yazoo City area earlier this evening.

Storm Chasers fans will remember that Yazoo City was devastated by a strong EF-4 tornado in April of this year, as featured in Episode 2.  Hopefully the damage was not as severe with this storm.

We will keep you updated on this developing situation...
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