Author Topic: Lack of thunderstorms NE NSW and SE QLD 2010 (storm season)  (Read 3428 times)

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Lack of thunderstorms NE NSW and SE QLD 2010 (storm season)
« on: 19 November 2010, 11:50:03 AM »
hey guys just thought with the successful information from my hybrid low topic i will start another on another so i can learn more about the weather and "how it works"

So we all are aware we are in "LaNina" and i was wondering if her being here is making thunderstorm totals plummet?

i remember when we first moved here in 2004 (Ballina) thunderstorms were almost every single day in November to February and since then they just seem to be getting less and less and now Horrible.

So what do you think why is the thunderstorms system failing continuously especially in the Evans head to Maroochydore area?

and here is my block of thoughts on this:
i think that LaNina is making our thunderstorms less frequent because so far the main weather pattern has been cooler wetter rain events where most of or all of the east to SE Australia are blanketed from a huge cloud band thus the reduced temperatures are not allowing a great deal of warming and resulting in mainly "thundery rain"

so thats what i think but my knowledge is not very good on this subject i hope that this topic will help me.

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Re: Lack of thunderstorms NE NSW and SE QLD 2010 (storm season)
« Reply #1 on: 27 November 2010, 02:08:13 AM »
Hi Antonio,

Just reading what AC wrote on WZ regarding storm activity from an article he read by Jeff Callaghan (ex-BoM)..." a quick study on ENSO cycles and severe thunderstorms. Between 1956 and 1998 (Oct) he looked at the top 61 most notable severe thunderstorm events in the greater Brisbane region (Includes Logan/Ipswich and Redcliffe but not elsewhere). 

I just wonder if he has the whole study available to read? .