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David wrote:

I had my eye on the area south of San Angelo yesterday (2oth) but had to fly out from LA so missed the action on computer. Nothing on storm track and SPC only has hail reports (eg 4 inch hail report from Hays County).

Sunday still looking interesting enough.

Yes the warm front retreated back south as a cold front. Our target area of southwestern Texas got wiped out rapidly by low cloud only mostly elevated storms remained. We did observe a lightning hit a tour and pierce the earth near Lubbock form elevated convection - quite nice indeed.

Awaiting the situation for Sunday and Monday. The cap seemes very strong - will the short wave be sufficient to allow initiation. With 3500 CAPE according to GFS, you may think so. Anyway, it seems Sunday for Central Kansas and Monday for central Oklahoma. One other factor at least for Sunday is moisture recovery and LCL's.


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