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Looking back: October 4th, 1998 Oklahoma tornado outbreak

While a large portion of the Plains are experiencing cooler and  mild Fall-like weather today, it is worth taking a look back 12 years to the day  which saw the largest tornado outbreak on record for the state of Oklahoma. A  robust, Spring-like upper-level trough entered the southern Plains during the  mid-afternoon, while a potent surface low strengthened over the  Colorado-Nebraska border. This combination translated into an environment  favorable for the development of tornadic supercells in the southern Plains,  with strong wind shear and an unstable airmass centered over Oklahoma. Multiple  supercell thunderstorms traversed the state during the afternoon and into the  evening, causing extensive damage to cities like Moore, Shawnee and  Pawnee. The NWS Norman has a good write-up on the event, for further reference.
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