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Preliminary radar data of vertical wind inside EF4 tornado!

The plot below shows vertical wind data recorded from the radar on the Dominator as we intercepted an EF4 tornado southwest of Wadena, MN on June 17, 2010.  The x-axis is in seconds, which is reset every 30 seconds as we collect data from the radar.  This plot shows data from the intercept of the EF4 tornado as it was a 1/2+ mile-wide tornado, as we dropped to the ground inside the intense inflow jet on the east side of this northerly-moving tornado.  Confidence is high in the measurements of vertical wind gusts in the 160-180 mph range during 22.5-25.0 seconds, with velocities possibly even exceeding 200 mph.  Other weaker gusts in the 70-100 mph range were recorded in the first 10 seconds of this data set, possibly associated with a wobbling of the tornado as it drifted east toward our position.  We have much more data to sift through, but this is the most striking we have found so far with Hyperion Technology Group in Tupelo, MS.  We'll be returning to Hyperion in a few weeks to discuss the rest of the data we collected, and plans for next season to improve our tornado field project.  You can check out the tornado intercepts when we collected this data on the new season of Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel, which premieres on Wednesday, October 13 at 10 pm eastern/9 pm central!

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