Author Topic: Tornadoes Amazing waterspouts from Italy!  (Read 1721 times)

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Tornadoes Amazing waterspouts from Italy!
« on: 30 September 2010, 02:00:13 AM »
Amazing waterspouts from Italy!

Storm chaser, photographer and Extreme Tornado Tours guide Olivier "Klipsi"  Staiger was in Milan, Italy over this past weekend, where he had traveled from  his home in Switzerland to attend an Italian storm chasing convention. As luck  would have it, he ended up in the region at a perfect time to document some  amazing weather phenomena as well, and has spent the past several days south of  Venice, near the city of Chioggia, chasing waterspouts with Swiss meteorologist  and storm chaser Dean Gill. The favorable set-up for waterspouts continued into  yesterday (September 27) when Klipsi reports that they saw possibly half a dozen  waterspouts and/or funnels, some of which were of tornadic origin. Amazing photos from the Adriatic!
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