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Severe weather ongoing this afternoon! Plus, register now for the MN storm chasing convention!

A number of severe weather watches are in effect this afternoon and  extending into the evening across parts of the northeast and central Plains  states. The Hudson River Valley to eastern Ohio are currently seeing several  lines of severe thunderstorms as a cold front makes its way toward the Atlantic  coast. Damaging winds are the greatest threat with these storms, but a few brief  tornadoes are also possible with the more intense cells. Locations just south  and east of Pittsburgh, PA have been seeing a particularly strong cluster of  storms that look to be producing very strong wind! Farther west, tornado  warnings have been issued in Ohio, just north of Columbus. Severe storms have  been ongoing over portions of southern Minnesota into northeastern Nebraska  today as well. However, the main threat for severe weather is expected to kick  off later this afternoon across southwestern portions of Nebraska, northwest  Kansas and northeast Colorado, as a mid-level trough will begin to eject  eastward out of the central Rockies into an area of moderate instability. Any  storms that are able to fire in this area will be capable of very large hail and  tornadoes, and a number of chasers are targeting this region this afternoon --  be sure to check the Live page to see the latest!

In other news, you can now pre-register for the Minnesota Storm Chasing  Convention, which will be held on Saturday, February 26, 2011! TVN Live streamer  Michael Stanga is the coordinator of this event, and another live streamer, Dean  Baron, is among those slated to talk, along with Storm Chasers' Tim Samaras and  NY Times best-selling author Jenna Blum[/url] among others. Follow this link for more  information on this event!


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