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Massive damaging wind event in eastern US!         

An intense line of severe thunderstorms that moved across the southern  Appalachians and finally to the Atlantic Ocean has resulted in over 250 reports  of wind damage! Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee, along with West Virginia,  Virginia and North Carolina felt the brunt of this system, as gusts of 60-70 MPH  seemed to be the standard throughout the afternoon. This comes on the heels of a  similarly-widespread damaging wind event that occurred yesterday, when at least  three fatalities resulted from wind-related structural damage in Ohio, and  a bicyclist was killed by a falling tree in western Maryland. These events are an  unfortunate reminder of how dangerous severe thunderstorms can be, even without  the threat for tornadoes!

On a much brighter note, the past few days have offered some pretty nice views  of the Aurora Borealis over parts of the northernmost states. Storm Chaser and  TVN Live Streamer Dean Baron provided these photos of what he was able to see  near Hinckley, MN from just after sunset until about 11:00 PM. Another MN Live  Streamer, Bill Doms, was able to catch some great views as well -- click here to  check out Bill's photos!

 Finally, check out the latest book trailer video for INTO THE STORM! This  massive hail storm occurred in north Texas back on May 5, 2006, and, as you can  see, completely trashed Joel's car! Poor Joel!!
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