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Included here is a small sample of our Tornado Alley footage collection since 2001. If footage you require is not shown here, please contact us or phone 0408 020468 (61 2 408020468) for further assistance. Latest live stock footage on metacafe - lightning, violent storms and tornadoes.

Also check the Australian footage gallery

5 May 2006
Patricia, Texas, USA

[Storm News Forum report]
Up close and personal video of spectacular anti-cyclonic tornado right next to the road complete with inflow jets. [33mb MPG]
5 June 2001
N Oklahoma, USA

[Storm News report]
Dominant storm with impressive base structure [3.09mb WMV]
Western side of the storms and one to the north showing more favourable structure [3.08mb WMV]
Base rotation and scud upmotion [2.02mb WMV]
Development of impressive wall cloud including lightning bolts [2.76mb WMV]
More of the wall cloud, developing inflow band, and some lightning bolts [2.78mb WMV]
Wall cloud dissipating but two other wall clouds in view. Double inflow band observed [2.39mb WMV]
4 June 2001
Harper Southern
Kansas, USA

[Storm News report]
Magnificent crisp high contrast towers [1.77mb WMV]
Crisp storm structure and also developing rotation and curved inflow band [3.41mb WMV]
Remnants of storms and mammatus but we also met up with Tim Marshall [3.71mb WMV]
Anvil crawler and loud thunder Enid northern Oklahoma [3.71mb WMV]
30 May 2001
Southern Oklahoma
to N Texas, USA

[Storm News report]
Tornadic funnel [3.46mb WMV]
29 May 2001
White Deer Tornado
Texas Panhandle

[Storm News report]
Approaching the developing thunderstorms from the north and also a corkscrew updraught [2.49mb WMV]
Third brief tornado with multiple whirls just visible - we didn't know at the time!! [2.01mb WMV]
Major wall cloud and rotation [2.89mb WMV]
Major wall cloud and rotation becoming more prominent [3.10mb WMV]
Beginning of the main fourth tornado touchdown [3.10mb WMV]
Impressive tornado crossing a minor road and flat plains [2.07mb WMV]
Tornado develops a cone shape [4.47mb WMV]
Tornado becoming larger and impressive contrast [3.77mb WMV]
Barrell shaped tornado - tornado at its largest before becoming rainwrapped - ends with Tim Marshall's and Sam Barricklow's vehicles in the clip [4.93mb WMV]
27 May 2001
Oklahoma, USA

[Storm News report]
Pulsating lightning bolt [1.01mb WMV]
Longest pulsating lightning bolt I have ever seen - lasts about 3 seconds [2.49mb WMV]
Another pulsating bolt [0.69mb WMV]
Lightning a little closer [0.77mb WMV]
Pretty good bolt [0.40mb WMV]
Wished this bolt was more in direct view [0.46mb WMV]
Lightning getting closer - pulses well [0.49mb WMV]
Some forked behaviour [0.34mb WMV]
View from the front seat - reasonable pulse [0.46mb WMV]
This hits close and are two separate strikes - a little close for comfort. Take note of FM radio static [1.24mb WMV]
One of the last anvil bolts [0.36mb WMV]
Near Lawton, Oklahoma - power pole blown over - green glow filmed and whole town loses power [1.71mb WMV]
Mothership HP supercell which had a tornado warning on it [2.06mb WMV]
Impressive structure of both merged HP supercells [0.85mb WMV]
Mothership HP supercell and more of its impressive structure heading for Woodward [3.23mb WMV]
20 May 2001
Western Texas, USA

[Storm News report]
Crisp supercell development near Purcell [2.27mb WMV]
Back-sheared anvil and wall cloud base [3.35mb WMV]
Our first tornado funnel before trees hid it from view [1.84mb WMV]
Approaching and punching through the first relatively smaller cell with large hail near McAllister [2.06mb WMV]
Larger hail heard thumping our vehicle and windscreen near McAllister [2.46mb WMV]
Awesome structure of the McAllister supercell [3.06mb WMV]
More structure of the McAllister supercell with some lightning flashes whilst heading towards it [2.67mb WMV]
17 May 2001
Western Texas, USA

[Storm News report]
Storm with overshoot to the north. [2.04mb WMV]

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