Author Topic: Storms NE NSW / SE QLD 30 Jan to 1 Feb 2007  (Read 19433 times)

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Re: Storms NE NSW / SE QLD 30 Jan to 1 Feb 2007
« Reply #15 on: 04 February 2007, 02:04:54 AM »
Hi everyone, just a few images from the Jan 31st chase.Slow moving cells made it an interesting afternoon as I ducked in between two cells out the kyogle road to get out to the west side.In doing so in convoy with beck we were treated to an awesome period of Flangs really close Gunshot quality :).
          After getting over to the otherside we eventually spotted a nice sunlit rainbow(Whooo thought i was in Kansas) nah lol wishfull thinking, the cells in the afternoon were pumping out heaps of Cg's. Sadly as it got dark it became infrequent.Bumped into Michael Bath out on chase too :)

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Re: Storms NE NSW / SE QLD 30 Jan to 1 Feb 2007
« Reply #16 on: 06 February 2007, 02:44:42 AM »
I have uploaded the Grafton local scale radar loop for Wednesday 31st January.

Some comments on these storms posted on the Austpac Weather List

5.10pm by Harald Richter, BoM

For the past hour a feisty (not-so-little) storm has tried to entertain me on the warning desk. At 0440z (3:40pm EDT) the storm initiated NNW of Grafton and decided to remain quasi-stationary. Then it changed its mind and accelerated due north. Then it changed its mind again, and latched onto the Northern Rivers-Northern Tablelands district border before disconnecting by jogging NW. Now it has realised its mistake and moves back E towards the Northern Rivers.  All that said, it has remained in the state warning area. My guess - the storm is pushed N by an outflow and spins just a little bit.

7.00pm by Harald Richter, BoM

The capricious cell earlier has been reorganised into a severe bow echo churning northward just north of Casino/Lismore at 1900 EDT.  A weak transient storm-scale circulation passed over Lismore around 6:30pm, but the individual storms are pulsey and are falling short of supercellular.

Location: Mcleans Ridges, NSW Northern Rivers
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