Author Topic: QLD & NSW Severe Storms (incl Blackwater hail & Brisbane flash flooding): 19-21 Nov 2008  (Read 49455 times)

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Footage on Youtube of the Blackwater storm, there is also some others in the related list

Please be aware clicking on the following links involves swearing (turn down volume if you so wish) - it does show the hail however!

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Location; Warwick Qld 20th November 2008.

Hi, sorry this is late, I am new to the forum, but a few pics to show two storms here in Warwick on the 20th November 2008. The first turned out to be severe and there was a lot of damage around the town with roofs off and the like. The wind was unbelievable and almost cyclonic coming from all directions, or so it seemed. A little earlier, I asked the boss if I could get some pics around 3pm because of the strange skies, never seen anything like it. I had to get back to put vehicles away and about 3.45 the job was done and I got to take some pics from work. The first one showing what I thought was a tornado gave us all a bit of a scare and the second from the same spot looking over town. When I looked at the radar loops in this thread, does not look as if it was that bad at all, but for the amount of damage to property, I called it severe.

The second storm that came over us at 6.15pm looked as bad but was not as severe although it still caused a lot of damage to property. I would say that it probably caught most by surprise, thinking it was all over as the skies cleared up and then over it came.

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First two images show the strange skies taken around 3pm.


This pair I took back at work. The wind was unbelievable and could not keep the tripod steady for the second one.


I guessed this is the back end of it and the sky cleared.

Then this one, the CG'S were amazing in this but missed them concentrating on the front.

This second storm seemed to be heading straight for the back end of the first storm?
Would they have come together?


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Thanks for posting those shots Chris - looks pretty mean passing over your work!  A feature of many of the storms that day (20th Nov) was the strong winds associated with gust fronts.
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