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Title: E QLD Storms: 23-25 February 2008
Post by: Michael Bath on 25 February 2008, 03:55:48 AM
Very marginal thunderstorm conditions on Saturday 23th Feb with very high surface temps in the region. One cell in particular managed to break through on a triple point which occurred on the northern part of the Sunshine Coast.

The Gympie radar loop is interesting as you can see the seabreeze boundary and the southerly chance interacting and the main storm forming in that area.

---> Gympie radar loop (

More storms are expected over parts of SE Queensland this afternoon.

Title: RE: E QLD Storms: 23-25 February 2008
Post by: Steven on 25 February 2008, 07:22:05 AM
I saw that anvil to my NNE at 7pm, with a few bright flashes of lightning, though this cell carked it very quickly however.

Well we had out first taste of summer here yesterday and it came with a bang, just as much as when the southerlies kicked in. 39 was reached around lunchtime until this god awful NE wind bumped up the humidity and made things feel worse, though it did knock off the temp by several degrees the humidity was terrible, Brisbane reached 40 at 2pm and shortly after the change came through, us however waited until 5pm when this surge of gusty winds came through like a southerly buster and took away all the heat, it was refreshing to say the least, and shortly after this change moved through, thats when that Tewantin cell began to develop.

There was a lot of convection and low level cloud with the change, so it made viewing any storm development harder to see but by around 6:30 I was alerted to this very strong storm cell outputting massive amounts of lighting. I thought the lightning tracker was off it's brains because there wasn't much evidence of frequent lightning to my north though as I've said before I saw some bright flashes, it looked severe and on radar this proves it too, I was surprised nonetheless that anything developed considering the other circumstances.
Title: RE: E QLD Storms: 23-25 February 2008
Post by: Michael Bath on 25 February 2008, 12:51:35 PM
Yes - sure was a hot one with the temp in the Lismore to Ballina area getting to 35 - 36 by 11am but the southerly arrived soon after that so the rest of the day was high 20s.

24th Feb

QLD BoM has issued a STW for the activity SW of Gladstone. Has been a bit messy of radar so will be interesting to hear of any severe weather reports.


For people in parts of the Capricornia and Wide Bay & Burnett Forecast Districts.

Issued at 4:42 pm Sunday, 24 February 2008.

Severe thunderstorms are likely to produce damaging winds, very heavy rainfall, flash flooding and large hailstones in the warning area over the next several hours. Locations which may be affected include Biloela, Monto and Calliope.
Title: RE: E QLD Storms: 23-25 February 2008
Post by: Jimmy Deguara on 25 February 2008, 01:46:49 PM
Yes this region was expected to get severe storms today. Tomorrow, it should shift inland and perhaps have more deeper moisture to deal with. Yesterday was rather disappointing but with 850hPa westerly wind, what do you expect. A shallow cap was in place and only a shallow layer of moisture to deal with.

A fair bit of activity further north near south west of Rockhampton. What also is interesting is what seems to be a convergence zone on the Cape York Peninsular - activity building south.


Jimmy Deguara
Title: RE: E QLD Storms: 23-25 February 2008
Post by: Michael Bath on 27 February 2008, 01:22:33 AM
Rockhampton copped 200mm in three hours yesterday morning predawn (25th). Major flooding occurred in parts of that city due to the Fitzroy River already being in major flood before this rain fell.

More info: