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Title: Water Spout off Sydney's Northern Beaches: 8 Oct 2007
Post by: yoggit on 10 October 2007, 03:24:27 AM
Did anyone happen to catch the water spout off the Northern Beaches yesterday (Monday, 8th Oct)?

I could see the top of it from my back deck, but my view of the ocean isn't THAT good, so couldn't see the whole display. It looked very close to shore - maybe just 1km from shore???

So, I jumped in the car with the camera and headed do the carpark just south of Curl Curl - about 2 minutes in the car - only to be unable to see any evidence of the twister.

There was a woman there sitting on a bench and I asked her about it, and she waved a wise old finger at the ocean and said "it was just there and it only just disintegrated".

DAMN!! I was so close...