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Australian Weather Mailing List Archives: 1st October 1998

From: "Jimmy Deguara" 
Subject: aussie-weather: NSW Noaa imagery
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 13:00:35 +1000
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Hi there,

Just come back from the super non-chase!!! I hope conditions improve

It may be of interest that through my negotiations, NSW now has fairly high
resolution images available as the satellites pass over.

Check out the site

you may find it interesting. I don't think it would be advisable to download
it on a mobile phone as it is slow and 500k image.....

Australian Severe Weather


From: Blair Trewin 
Subject: aussie-weather: Long runs of hot days in Sydney
To: d.jones at, aussie-weather at (Aussie Weather)
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 17:16:30 +1000 (EST)
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If tomorrow's forecast is correct (and depending on what the 
decimals have been on a couple of recent days) we may be looking
at 4 consecutive days over 30 in Sydney.

This is a fairly rare event - there are only 10 instances in the
139-year record, four running for five days (none longer than five).

These have occurred in the following months (month being the last 
day of the spell)

October  	1 (0 of 5 days)
November 	2 (0)
December	1 (1)
January		4 (1)
February	4 (2)

Most recent such spell was 5-8 January 1994 (during the fires).
Previous earliest in spring was 2-5 October 1970.

Relaxing the threshold to 29.5 introduces another 4 events (none of
them this early) and extends the 1994 event to 7 days (2-8 January).

Blair Trewin
Data Management, National Climate Centre, Bureau of Meteorology/
School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne

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Updated: 20th October, 1998

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