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Tornado near Coonabarabran: Thursday 20th January 2005
Report compiled by Michael Bath

Weatherzone forum discussion on this event.

Report on the Narrabri Storm by David Brodrick available here

A tornado has been confirmed occurring on Thursday 20th January 2005. Conditions were favourable for the development of tornadic supercells. Other storms became outflow dominant. The photographs clearly show the clear slot with photographs taken from a western or northwestern perspective between 4.24 and 4.28pm. The account as observed by Brian and Vivian Evans.

The following damage photos were taken by Stephen Williams in August 2005. They show where the tornado crossed the Oxley Highway.

Satellite Images

From Weatherzone: 2pm to 6pm local . The Coonabarabran cell is shown on the 4pm image as the 2nd 'blob' down from the top of the line - ie the middle cell in the cluster of three. The severe Narrabri cell is associated with the overshooting top on the 5pm image.

20/01/2005 03z 20/01/2005 04z 20/01/2005 05z 20/01/2005 06z 20/01/2005 07z

From MODIS: Land Rapid Response System: 0435z (3.35pm local time)

20/01/2005 0435z

Analysis Chart

From Bureau of Meteorology

20/01/2005 06z

GFS Model Analysis

From NOAA 20/01/2005 06z analysis run

  • Liftex Index
  • CAPE
  • Relative Humdity surface
  • Relative Humdity 850 hPa
  • Relative Humdity 700 hPa
  • Relative Humdity 600 hPa
  • Relative Humdity 500 hPa
  • Relative Humdity 300 hPa
  • Temperature (C) surface
  • Temperature (C) 850 hPa
  • Temperature (C) 700 hPa
  • Temperature (C) 500 hPa
  • Temperature (C) 300 hPa
  • Winds (knots) surface
  • Winds (knots) 925 hPa
  • Winds (knots) 850 hPa
  • Winds (knots) 700 hPa
  • Winds (knots) 500 hPa
  • Winds (knots) 300 hPa
  • Winds (knots) 200 hPa
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    Updated: 20th September 2006
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