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Spring 1995 Weather Quiz
by Jimmy Deguara

Answers in Summer 1995/96

True or False?

  1. The storm that dumped hail on many suburbs of Sydney on the 28th October was a multicell thunderstorm.
  2. Australia has the second highest occurrence of tornadoes.
  3. Lightning never strikes the same place more than once.
  4. The largest reported hail size that occurred in Australia were spawned at Kempsey with diameters of 14cm.
  5. The safest place during a storm is under a tree so you don't get wet or your car won't get damaged by hail.
  6. A common sign of approaching cold fronts are the development of cirrostratus.
  7. Highs and lows get reestablished as a result of changes in temperatures. They do not move from west to east.
  8. Light green tinges in storm clouds are pleasant sights for farmers and car dealers.
  9. Some tornadoes in the United States have been known to reach widths of up to 1 or 2 kilometres.
  10. The best thing to do if a tornado approaches is to locate yourself in the smallest central room in your house.

What does that word mean?

Do you have problems understanding some of the terminology used in storm news? If so, see if you could match the following terms to the appropriate definitions.


  1. stratocumulus
  2. anvil
  3. updraught
  4. multicell
  5. tropical cyclone
  6. cumulus
  7. supercell
  8. tornado
  9. cirrostratus
  10. rear flank
  11. wall cloud


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Updated: 5th April, 2004
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