Author Topic: Tornadoes Massive cone near Randall, KS today!  (Read 2094 times)

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Tornadoes Massive cone near Randall, KS today!
« on: 21 June 2010, 07:00:12 AM »
Massive cone near Randall, KS today!

On the last chase with the Dominator for a few weeks, we intercepted this large cone tornado near Randall, KS..  The circulation took a long time to organize, but once it did put down a large tornado that was nearly stationary, and then drifted northwest.  Rain was wrapping completely around the circulation, and was probably only visible from the north.  We let the tornado get very very close, and the Dominator was really rocking in 90 mph northeasterly inflow!  Video to come shortly..

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Re: Tornadoes Massive cone near Randall, KS today!
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Video of tornado in Northern Kansas from yesterday

Here is the video from just east of Randall, KS, shot by the steady-handed Chris Chittick

Massive tornado from close range in Northern Kansas! June 19, 2010
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Re: Tornadoes Massive cone near Randall, KS today!
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Photos from Friday's probe retrieval effort!

Here are some photos from the probe retrieval detail, courtesy of Dennis  Sherrod[/url]. Dennis, who is also a TVN Live streamer, was in Minnesota with a DOW  crew during Thursday's outbreak, and met up with TVN near Parkers Prairie, MN on  Friday to help with retrieving the probes that had been launched into the wedge  south of Wadena, MN. (This tornado has been rated as EF-4 and was 1.3 miles  wide!)


The crew located the land owner/farmer and received permission to enter the  property, where it was determined that two of the probes were stuck in the tops  of very tall trees, requiring extraordinary (and unorthodox) measures to get  them down. In a few of the photos above, you'll notice Chris Chittick with a  shotgun -- that's right, a shotgun -- as he tried to blast a tree branch holding  one of the probes, the idea being that it would bend, break or otherwise move in  a way as to allow the probe to fall to the ground. That didn't work. Eventually  the land owner provided an old ladder, which Joel used to help him partially  climb another tree, and, using a long stick, he was able to dislodge one of the  probes. Finally, the farmer and a neighbor produced a chain saw and were able to  cut a limb that was presumably holding the remaining probe, except only the  parachute was recovered; the probe itself is still out there somewhere! Everyone  helped clean up the mess left on the farmer's property and went their separate  ways. You'll likely see how it all went down this fall on Discovery!

Also... severe thunderstorms have erupted again today, as another multi-day  severe weather event is unfolding across the central and northern Plains.  Tornado watches are currently in effect from southern Montana to northeast  Colorado, and east across north-central Kansas. Check out the Live page to see  what's happening on this Moderate Risk day!



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