Author Topic: Tornadoes Upper Midwest bracing for severe weather outbreak!  (Read 2379 times)

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Upper Midwest bracing for severe weather outbreak!

An active weather day is expected over eastern North and South Dakota,  Minnesota and Iowa as a powerful storm system continues to make its way across  the northern Plains. Atmospheric dynamics -- including very strong wind shear  and moderate to high instability -- will be supportive of intense thunderstorm  development throughout the afternoon and into the late evening, with the threat  initially coming in the form of supercells over the Red River Valley early this  afternoon. Strong tornadoes and very large hail will be a possibility with these  discrete storms; eventually the storm mode is expected to transition into a more  linear event, with damaging winds likely to impact central and southern  Minnesota into northern Iowa later this evening. Tornadoes and very large hail  will still be a concern even after the system "lines out," if it does in fact do  as much -- there is a chance that storms could continue as discrete or  semi-discrete, which would increase the tornado threat substantially. Models are  definitely trending toward a more linear event later in the evening, so the  greatest emphasis is being placed on a widespread damaging wind event, given the  scope of the area that could potentially be impacted. Multiple chasers will be  streaming today on the Live page, so be sure to check it out for a real-time  look at what's happening. And, as always, residents of these areas are strongly  encouraged to be prepared for severe weather and remain aware of rapidly  changing weather conditions!
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