Author Topic: Tornadoes Extreme Tornado Tours strikes gold!  (Read 2786 times)

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Tornadoes Extreme Tornado Tours strikes gold!
« on: 02 June 2010, 05:00:23 PM »
Extreme Tornado Tours strikes gold

Guided by Klipsi and Dave Holder, Extreme Tornado Toursdocumented this incredible tornado in extreme Southeast Colorado near the town of Campo yesterday evening.  The tour photographed the entire lifecycle of this very photogenic tornado as it churned across the country side.  The RUC analyzed 0-3 km EHI values of 4-6 in a swath extending southeast from Campo into the Oklahoma Panhandle, with the supercell producing several tornadoes as it moved into this favorable low-level environment.  The Dominator will be back in action today, targeting the nose of the LLJ in Southeast Nebraska, where the atmosphere should be prime for tornadoes around and just after 00z if storms can remain isolated.  Stay tuned!

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