Author Topic: Tornadoes Update on Haiti following Hurricane Tomas  (Read 3762 times)

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Tornadoes Update on Haiti following Hurricane Tomas
« on: 21 November 2010, 12:00:12 PM »
Update on Haiti following Hurricane Tomas

Earlier this month, Hurricane Tomas battered the island of Hispaniola. This  was the latest natural disaster to impact the residents of Haiti, who have been reeling in the  aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck early in 2010. It is  estimated that 1.5 million people are still living in tent cities that came into existence following the earthquake -- these residents would obviously be extremely vulnerable to the effects of  a hurricane. ... Not long before Tomas' arrival, the situation became even worse in  Haiti when cholera was reported in several areas surrounding the Arbonite River,  which is described as Haiti's most important river. As feared, the torrential  rains and flooding that resulted from Tomas caused a dramatic increase in the  spread of cholera. TVN live-streamer Dennis Sherrod has been working with  various relief agencies to assist Haiti since the time of the earthquake, and says that the outbreak has truly turned into a major epidemic, with 1,100 deaths  and over 20,000 cases reported as of this time, with a large percentage of  deaths involving young children. (It is believed that these numbers are  drastically under-reported, with deaths and actual cases possibly 2-4 times that  of the reported amounts.) For more information, visit Dennis' website, Alert1Weather or Praecipio International. Dennis will continue to post updates, and may be deploying to Haiti in the coming days or weeks to further assist those on the ground.

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